June 17, 2020

MINI MEET A RESOURCE: Patricia Clahar of Hands-On Entrepreneurship for Kids

Your lesson, should you choose to accept it, is to consider a new resource: Hands-On Entrepreneurship for Kids, which provides guidance for students who want to turn their big ideas into businesses. The resource specialist assigned to help you with this task is Patricia Clahar, from Greenwich, Connecticut.


In this episode Patricia and I discuss:

  • Patricia’s path to starting Hands-On Entrepreneurship for Kids
  • The benefits of students engaging in the process of starting a business, from practical skills, to SEL skills, to adding more dimensions to the teacher-student relationship
  • One of her favorite recent projects: Books in Color*
  • The various ways that students, teachers, and schools can work with Patricia
  • How young entrepreneurs are more willing to take risks
  • The various ways young people raise money to fund their businesses, including the Idea Tank for Kids competition
  • How to get in contact with Patricia: her website, Instagram, Facebook


*If you’re interested in getting involved in this book club, please contact Patricia


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