May 27, 2020

MINI MEET A RESOURCE: Rebecca Yaffa of GooseChase

Your lesson, should you choose to accept it, is to consider a new resource: GooseChase, an app for creating scavenger hunts. The resource specialist assigned to help you with this task is Rebecca Yaffa, Director of Customer Experience, from Toronto, Canada.


This is the third installment in the ‘Meet the Resources’ series, where I feature the educational equivalent of Gecko Gloves, Smart Contacts, or Flute Guns: technology that has been created to make your impossible lessons actually possible! A reminder that Lesson: Impossible receives no compensation for featuring resources, just the satisfaction of knowing that somewhere a student might be more engaged in their learning or a teacher might be able to leave work a little bit earlier.


In this episode, Aviva and Rebecca touch on a variety of topics including:

  • Who uses GooseChase EDU? (Hint: It's not just teachers!)
  • How GooseChase EDU makes scavenger hunts easy and automated for educators
  • How organizers can get started by using missions from the The Game Library.
  • How educators utilized GooseChase for Virtual Learning during the social isolation period.
  • GooseChase EDU availability for school and district-wide plans.
  • How GooseChase handles personal data created on the platform.
  • How Rebecca got involved with GooseChase and working as part of a fully-remote team.
  • How K-12 teachers can take advantage of complimentary upgrades to Educator Plus until September 1st.




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