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Agent Andre Daughty (Social Media Connections)

April 15, 2020

Your lesson, should you chose to accept it, is to use social media to create connections with, and educate, your teaching colleagues. The special agent assigned to help you with this task is Andre Daughty, educational speaker and content creator, of Oklahoma City, OK


Andre Daughty has one of the most prolific online presences of any educator that I’ve seen: he’s on Twitter, Intagram, Facebook, has his own blog, multiple YouTube series, as well as an online office! Of course, he manages this all while facilitating workshops for schools and organizations. I wanted to talk to him about what being an educator that shares his life online is like, and give some perspective for others who may be considering doing something similar.  


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Andre’s path to teaching, that started verrrrrrry early
  • Why Andre wants kids to have their first Black, male, teacher in elementary school
  • Why using his own kids in his workshops makes them powerful
  • How teaching is 90% performing, 10% planning
  • Bringing laughter into the lives of teachers (“Laugh a Lil”)
  • How we can build community digitally without ever meeting a friend in person
  • Why he prefers video communications to blogging
  • Using movies to bring forth teachable moments (“Reel Moments”)
  • Finding the lessons in life that help inform his teaching (“Chew on This”)
  • Why he’s willing to share his life online
  • Combatting racism in education
  • Tips for starting a YouTube account
  • Getting positive and negative feedback from his audience
  • His willingness to engage in difficult conversations
  • Why he doesn’t block anyone on his Facebook page
  • The many ways to engage with Andre online


How to connect with Andre:


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